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Short narratives & documentaries by anthony(Dazhi) huang, Scroll down ↓↓↓↓

Night live(2017), 15 mins

Part I: 07:30, PART II: 07:10
Synopsis: New York and Shanghai, two separated casual gay sex were exposed online in real-time, and both had to face instant consequences.
CAST: DAVID FELIZ, FENTON LI, Sue dimouro, YOU LU, Chih-Heng Liao, Terral Ainooson, CARL FISK
language: English, Mandarin (with english subtitle)
(password: jeanpetitebelleville

entre la tienne(inherview,2017), 6 mins

SYNOPSIS: 2017, After being fired from her previous job in London, Michelle went back to the French small town where she's from, whether she tries hard or not, the barriers always make her spinning in the same place
Director & cinematography: Anthony(Dazhi) Huang
Cast: Nathalie Séguin, Elizabeth Anne, Étienne d'Anjou
language: french(with english subtitle)

Two days break: a documentary(2016-2017),      7 mins

An autobiographical documentary about an Art Project connecting China and the U.S. and my own journey of personal life
director, camera & sound mixing: Anthony(Dazhi) Huang
Interviewees: mr.liu, mr.Xu & Mrs.xu
adr actor: Songlin li
Language: Mandarin(with English subtitle)

La maison où j’ai grandi(2017), 3 mins

A music of myself singing a françoise Hardy song.
Caméra-studio: Ximo Xiao
Caméra-garden: Anthony Huang
singer: Anthony Huang
language: French(with french subtitle)

Bedtime story(2016), 14 mins

Nathan---A College guy hooks up with a night-shift clerk inside a hostel after midnight, within an estranged city. The morning after, he finds out the clerk turns into something else. A modern gay fairy tale with rough touch.
Director: Anthony(Dazhi) Huang
Cast: David Sullivan, Helio brito
language: English